How To Replace Cartridge In Price Pfister 2 Handle Kitchen Faucet

Replacing a cartridge in your Price Pfister 2 handle kitchen faucet doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right tools and a little know-how, you can quickly and easily replace the cartridge and get back to enjoying the convenience of your kitchen faucet. So don’t worry, let’s get started!

First, you’ll need to gather the tools necessary to complete the project. You’ll need an adjustable spanner wrench, an allen wrench, and a flat-head screwdriver.

Once you have these items, it’s time to shut off the water supply to the faucet. The shut-off valves are usually located under the sink.

Once the water is off, you can begin to remove the faucet handle. Using the spanner wrench, unscrew the handle from the faucet. Then, use the allen wrench to unscrew the cartridge retaining nut.

Now you can remove the old cartridge and install the new one. Finally, reattach the faucet handle and you’re done!

Gather the Tools You’ll Need

Gather your tools; you’ll need a few to get the job done right. Before attempting to replace the cartridge in your Price Pfister 2 handle kitchen faucet, make sure you have the appropriate tools and replacement parts.

Understanding the tools you will need to complete the job is essential. You’ll need a wrench, pliers, and a screwdriver. Also make sure you have the replacement cartridge, which should be the same make and model of your current one.

With these items in place, you’ll be ready to start the job.

Shut Off the Water Supply

To get started on this project, let’s shut off the water supply – it’ll be a breeze!

Before you begin, it’s important to make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure water safety. If you aren’t familiar with the location of the valve, you may want to consult a professional.

Once you’ve located the valve, turn the handle clockwise until it’s firmly shut. If you find it difficult to turn, you may need to use a wrench to help.

Make sure you’ve completely shut off the water before beginning to replace the cartridge in your Price Pfister 2-handle kitchen faucet.

Remove the Faucet Handle

Carefully turn the handle counterclockwise and remove it from the faucet, making sure to keep track of any parts that come off.

Before removing the handle, check the seals to make sure they’re aligned correctly and that the handle is securely connected to the faucet.

Once satisfied, slowly turn the handle counterclockwise until it’s free of the faucet. Be careful not to force the handle as it could break or cause other damage.

Keep track of the parts as you remove them, as they’ll be needed for reassembly. If any parts are stuck, use a soft cloth to loosen them.

Once the handle has been removed, you’re ready for the next step of replacing the cartridge in your Price Pfister two-handle kitchen faucet.

Unscrew the Cartridge Retaining Nut

Unscrew the retaining nut and feel the satisfaction of knowing you’re one step closer to a fully-functioning faucet! For a Price Pfister two-handle kitchen faucet, the cartridge retaining nut is located at the base of the faucet handle.

You’ll need some troubleshooting tips to ensure you’re replacing the cartridge correctly. Make sure you have the correct replacement options for your model, as the retaining nut size may vary.

Using a wrench, gently unscrew the retaining nut. Be sure to move slowly and carefully, as you may need to use a bit of force to loosen the nut. Once you have unscrewed it, you can remove the cartridge. Take your time and be careful not to damage the faucet or its components.

You should now be able to easily complete the installation of your new cartridge and have a fully-functioning faucet.

Remove the Old Cartridge

Gently pull the old cartridge out of the handle, feeling a sense of accomplishment as you see the improvements you’ve made to your plumbing.

Before doing so, make sure you’ve applied some fitting lubricant to the base of the cartridge to ensure the sealant types used will come off easily. This will help make sure the new cartridge is able to be installed without any extra effort.

Once the old cartridge has been removed, inspect it to determine how much wear it has experienced over the years and if a different type of sealant needs to be used when installing the new cartridge.

Make sure to clean any excess sealant or lubricant off the handle before inserting the new cartridge.

Install the New Cartridge

Installing your new cartridge is the final step in upgrading your plumbing, so go ahead and put it in place and enjoy your improved faucet! To begin, turn off the water supply and open the faucet to release any pressure. Make sure to wear gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself against injuries from loose parts.

First, use an adjustable wrench to remove the retaining nut from the faucet body.

Carefully remove the old cartridge and discard it.

Finally, insert the new cartridge and secure it with the retaining nut.

Once you’ve secured the new cartridge, turn the water supply back on and test the faucet. If you have any troubleshooting tips or questions, consult your installation guide or local plumber.

Reattach the Faucet Handle

Now that your new cartridge is in place, take a moment to reconnect the faucet handle and experience the transformation you’ve created.

Start by ensuring the loose screws are tightened and bolts secure. Make sure to use a wrench to ensure the bolts are tightened securely, but be careful not to over-tighten them.

Once you’ve double-checked that everything is secure, carefully reattach the handle to the stem of the faucet. Make sure to align the handle with the stem and turn it clockwise until it’s firmly in place.

You’re almost done! The last step is to turn the water back on. If everything was done correctly, you should be able to turn the faucet on and off with ease.

You’ve successfully replaced the cartridge in your two-handle kitchen faucet and can now enjoy a fully functioning faucet. Congratulations!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cartridge do I need to buy?

When replacing a cartridge in a Price Pfister two-handle kitchen faucet, the first step is to identify the type of cartridge you need to buy. The type required will vary depending on the model and series number of the faucet.

You can find the model and series number printed on the faucet itself or in the manual accompanying it. Once you have identified the type of cartridge, you can then purchase it and follow the installation tips provided.

How do I know if I need to replace the cartridge or just repair it?

If you think your Price Pfister 2 Handle Kitchen Faucet may need a replacement cartridge, it’s important to diagnose the problem first.

Before you replace the cartridge, try doing some preventative maintenance on the faucet.

Check if any parts are loose, or if there is any corrosion or buildup on the faucet.

If the maintenance does not help, you may need to replace the cartridge.

Can I replace the cartridge with a different type?

Comparing brands and installing correctly are key when replacing a cartridge in a Price Pfister 2 Handle Kitchen Faucet.

You can replace it with a different type, but make sure it’s compatible and designed to fit the specific model of faucet.

It’s important to keep in mind the size and type of the cartridge you’re replacing to ensure the new one fits properly and works correctly.

Installing the right cartridge is essential for the faucet to function properly.

How often do I need to replace the cartridge?

Regular preventative maintenance and cleaning can help extend the life of your faucet cartridge, but it should be replaced every few years depending on usage and environmental conditions.

To ensure your faucet is functioning properly, inspect it annually for any signs of wear or damage. If the cartridge is worn or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

Is there a way to extend the life of the cartridge?

You can extend the life of your cartridge by performing regular preventative maintenance and safely disposing of it when it’s time for a replacement.

Don’t wait until you start to notice a decrease in water pressure before you take action, as this could be a sign of an issue with your cartridge.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and replacement, as this will help you get the most out of your cartridge.


Great job! You’ve successfully replaced the cartridge in your Price Pfister 2 handle kitchen faucet. Now you can enjoy the convenience of a working faucet.

Remember, if you ever have any issues with your faucet, consult the manufacturer for assistance.

Thanks for taking the time to replace your cartridge, and congratulations on completing the job. With a few simple steps, you can now enjoy the convenience of a fully functioning faucet.

Good luck with your future projects!

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